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Furniture delivery is not as straight forward as many think! Does the furniture fit into the lift*, do we need to arrange extra man power to cope with extra flights of stairs?

We want to take the stress away from you so please let us know as much in advance about your delivery requirements when you order so we can prepare in advance.

If in doubt feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members who would be happy to advise.

Free delivery with purchases above $1000 - to ground floor or lift landing.

Charges / Extras

Staircases : $30 for light items (eg dining chairs) up to 5th floor. For more than 5 floors please contact us

Staircases : For heavy items (eg tables) please contact us

If you miss your pre-agreed delivery time you will be charged $50 for a redelivery.

*Items may not fit in a lift if Diameter is more than 140cm, or height/width is greater than 210cm

For more information on our delivery terms, please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.

Please email us for the inquiries of overseas shipping cost.


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